Frére Robaire

     Frére Robaire is named for my brother Rob who is known for his humor, his even temper, modesty, intelligence and high principles. 
     This wine is likewise full of character.  A Bordeaux blend: 49% Cabernet Franc,
46% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon all from the Four Gates Estate Organic Vineyard.  The generous proportion of Cabernet Franc keeps this from being a big version of a Meritage blend.  Its lush, but with reserve.  It does not draw attention to its charms.  They rest easily within the whole personality, happy to complement a meal without hogging the stage, adding richness and delight.
      If Frére Robaire has even a little of the graciousness Rob has, you'll want to have it around all the time.