Soirée, Cuvée Elizabeth, is named for my sister Liz who is known for her vivacity, good humor, friendliness and reliable friendship, down-to-earth good nature, admirable character and for her free and personal use of French idiom. This wine has, as she might say, that je ne sais quoi, a playful blend of French red grape varieties. It has a charming fruit forward aroma, but is not a light wine. The mouth fills with a variety of fruit flavors including cherry, raspberry and plum, and the wine finishes with subtle, complimentary flavors from the barrels it matured in: vanilla, rich oak, coffee..................and finally..... a twinkle of the eye.
     Like many Four Gates wines, Soirée is enjoyable now but particularly benefits from exposure to air either in your glass or by decanting or simply by letting it breathe in the bottle.  (A friend says open it and taste it and leave the bottle open before you go to shul Friday evening and it will be ready when you return).
     If Soirée has even a soupçon of the fun and good cheer (shall we say the joie de vivre) that Liz has, you will really enjoy it.  Bon appétit!